Key Features:
  • Monitor vaccines in ultra-low temperatures
  • Ideal for storage and transport with dry ice
  • Minimum/Maximum memory for lowest and highest readings
  • High and Low Alarms with audible buzzer and flashing red light
  • Detachable external sensor with gold plated stereo jack connector
Applications: Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies, Storage Refrigerators and Freezers
Key Features:
  • High/low alarm setting
  • Glycol buffered probe emulates products and prevents false alarms during normal use
  • Gold plated stereo jack connector reduces faulty readings
  • Minimum/Maximum memory stores lowest/highest readings
  • Configurable delay alarms with audible buzzer
Applications: Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Dairy Products, Cold-Holding Display Cases, Refrigerators and Freezers