FlashTrak Connect Mobile App

  • View trip data in FlashTrak from Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Check on shipments any time from anywhere
  • Convenient on loading and receiving docks
  • Real-time data allows you to take immediate corrective action while product is in transit
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Access Shipment Data Anywhere

FlashTrak Connect is a supply chain application offering more options for viewing shipment data. Shippers and receivers use the app to conveniently access information for shipments monitored by DeltaTrak data loggers. Shipment data may be retrieved by entering a trip number or FlashTrak Cloud Service account credentials, or by scanning the barcode of a DeltaTrak logger.


When perishable cargo is in transit, concerns about temperature, location, and other factors are prevalent. With FlashTrak Connect, shippers can quickly verify that a logger has been activated and is reporting data. Shippers can also have peace of mind that the receiving customer will have an effortless way to access the trip data they need to accept the load.


When receivers have access to trip numbers, they can use FlashTrak Connect to quickly review in-transit shipment data and make accept/reject decisions ahead of time. Waiting time at the dock is minimized due to more efficient control of scheduling personnel for inspections, claims and any special handling needed upon arrival.

As new shipments come in, FlashTrak Connect allows receiving personnel to determine whether in-transit temperature excursions have occurred – without leaving the receiving dock. Quick and convenient assessment of cargo disposition is crucial for decisive actions.

Bluetooth Sync:

For BLE devices, the FlashTrak Connect app offers synchronization capability. The app allows users to scan for nearby BLE devices, which are then displayed showing trip number, device status, last reading, alarm status and remaining battery life. Users can then select a device from which to collect and upload data. If no shipment exists, one will be created.

Users can also schedule automatic scans and uploads of BLE device data to occur at regular intervals, from 1 to 60 minutes apart. After each scan, a summary is displayed showing the number of devices found and uploaded, as well as the upcoming run time.

Take Advantage of Mobile Phone and Tablet Functions:

FlashTrak Connect works on mobile phones and tablets. Once shipment data has been retrieved, it can be easily forwarded to other stakeholders, by simply taking a screenshot and sending it via text or email.