FlashTrak Maritime Service

Empowering Exporters and Importers with Shipment Visibility

The ability to see real-time, on-ocean shipment location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) alleviates much of the uncertainty exporters and importers experience. FlashTrak Maritime Service provides visibility of ocean container location and ETA – allowing for better logistical planning that can shift the line between profit and loss. Maritime Service is available to customers subscribed to FlashTrak.

Maritime Tracking

Advancement of technology and satellite services, such as GPS positioning, have improved the ability to track vessels across the globe. With vessel monitoring and automatic identification systems, accurate and up-to-date information is available. FlashTrak integrates this information for fast and convenient tracking of ocean shipments, empowering customers with the information they need.

Key Benefits

Reduce Your Logistics Costs By Avoiding Unnecessary Wait Times and Inefficient Resource Deployment

Real-time ship location data allows you to optimize your limited logistical resources by deploying them when the container will arrive. More efficient use of trucks and drivers reduces logistical costs.

Remove Risk By Avoiding Claims and Rejections

Access to ship arrival times allows you to minimize the time products sit in docks waiting for pick-up. By having your land logistics ready to pick up and deliver inbound freight, you reduce product shelf life risks.

Vessel Visibility

The vessel name and/or vessel ID number provides access to the vessels current location and the projected arrival time. ETA is calculated using analysis on port congestion, vessel speed, and reported delays.

Customers can view vessel location directly within FlashTrak eliminating the need to jump to other software products and services. Active monitoring of vessel location gives FlashTrak users the opportunity to optimize their logistical resources around ship/container arrival times.

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Protecting your brand and meeting customer requirements is critical for lasting business success. By integrating maritime tracking services into FlashTrak we are removing blind spots in your Cold Chain shipments.