FlashLink® Program Manager

Model 21027

  • Enhanced, robust data analysis capability
  • Supports multiple languages and time zones
  • User-programmable logging options
  • Comprehensive Help file
  • Automatically generates secure PDF
  • CSV files allow for further analysis of data
  • FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Compatible with 64-bit operating systems

FlashLink Program Manager is a user-friendly and feature-packed software for programming and downloading the FlashLink Mini and USB Reusable Data Loggers. It is available from the DeltaTrak web site and a license must be purchased with a number that is required in order to complete the installation. The set-up wizard and import function become active only when a FlashLink Reusable Logger is connected to the PC via USB port. Logging options are programmable, including sample intervals, high/low alarm limits, alarm delays, and display scale. This Windows-based software allows users to save configuration settings which can be uploaded to another logger.

Recorded data is displayed in graph and table formats as secure a PDF, and saved to the local hard drive along with a CSV file. These secure reports include complete temperature history with summary data and analysis, including alarm events, and they can be conveniently shared by email. FlashLink Program Manager is simple to install and has a content-sensitive Help file so users can easily search for information by using the F1key from any screen.